About Us

Diddo was formed in response to an opportunity created by the Scottish Government's CivTech scheme in September 2016. Diddo was launched by three Directors who have a wealth of experience in the intelligence, security and software engineering fields.

Diddo's founders are passionate about cyber security. They will bring a unique holistic approach to the cyber security problems that companies and organisations are facing in a fast developing, ever changing environment.

The Solution

Diddo is a cyber software solution that enables the user to easily build personal online protection. Both a desktop and mobile app, it brings together real time analysis, online profile awareness as well as password, browser and social media security, and offers a simple-to-use interface so people can control their security settings across multiple platforms, to levels which suit them.

The Opportunity

It could be argued that just about everyone, everywhere needs simple, robust and reliable online security. However, we need real targets and our initials markets will be the military and the Scottish Government. We'll focus on these two areas and develop the product by responding to client requirements, and through our own R&D, we anticipate the initial product will only be the first of a suite of online security offerings.

The Team

Diddo's three directors have a wealth of experience in the military, security and government fields. If you'd like to know more, please do talk with us!

Next Steps

  • First roll out for clients in October 2017
  • Winning further government and corporate clients
  • Resources including finance to scale rapidly

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.